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In English

Martina Schradi is a German author, cartoonist and certified psychologist from Nuremberg. She is known for Oh, I see?!, a collection of comics depicting the daily lives and struggles of people in the LGBT*I community. After successfully exhibiting her work, Schradi began travelling throughout Germany to conduct workshops and readings. These workshops are designed to inform people on how to use her comics to fight prejudice. 

International Books

OH, I SEE?! – Biographical Comics Of LGBTI, 2017, Zwerchfell Verlag, is the international, english language sampler of the book ACH, SO IST DAS?!, featuring interviews with LGBTI from all over the world and in all walks of life.

Contributions to international anthologies

„Thomas, Markus & Haias.“ In: Le cahier BD des diversités, Band 4, 2019 (french)

„Petra“, in: Secrets of the Goat people, 1 (2017) (english)

„Petra“, in: Le cahier BD des diversités, 1, 2016 (français/french)
Read more here: Ce n’est que de l’amour.

„Pascal“, in: KUTI VOL #40, 2016 – KUTI’s Feminist Issue is out! Read online (english and finnish)
Download pdf: http://www.kutikuti.com/kuti_pdf/Kuti40.pdf